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William has served as a Co-Chair of the SEMPO Latino committee, and has also been a guest speaker at ClickZ Live (formerly SES Conference & Expo), adtech, CVent Connect, and Tech SEO Boost, among other participations on industry webinars.


Why Holistic Search Matters

William Álvarez believes that SEOs in 2023 should invest in SEO as preparation for what’s ahead rather than a reactionary tool, and businesses should utilize an omnichannel approach instead of funneling their budget into isolated paid campaigns.

Structured Data & SEO

William has been doing SEO for 15 years both as an in-house SEO and agency SEO. He isn’t someone who is public in the SEO industry but has been playing the game for a super long time. We talked about his career, what is interesting is he left Catalyst and actually came back to the company after a few years. It is rare to see someone leave a company and return years later.

Breaking Down SEO, Episode 2

Breaking Down SEO, Site Experience

How Top Multi-Location Brands Are Driving Growth At Scale

Evangelizing Technical SEO for Greater Understanding, Adoption & Impact

From Search to Source: Best Practices for Hotels Local SEO

Serial Marketers SEO Q&A with William Álvarez and Jason Berkowitz

SEO experts William Álvarez and Jason Berkowitz reached out to the community and answered all their search engine optimization questions. Tune in for SEO tips, advice, and strategies that so many marketers will find useful to improve their search engine rankings.


Without SEO, any dollars you put in on your paid media campaigns won’t work

White Papers & POVs

Integrated Search on Social Platforms

In 2024 we’ve witnessed a significant shift in user behavior with search becoming a cross-platform user mindset that answers consumer no matter how or where they are asked. Search is now a consumer mindset, not just a platform, an activity, or a behavior.

Google Announces Major Generative-AI-Driven Search Changes at Google I/O 2023

SGE (Search Generative Experience) promises the ability to quickly find more complete answers to complex questions, potentially spurring a shift in the types of queries searchers use. It also facilitates conversational style follow-on questions to deepen a searcher’s exploration of a topic all without leaving the Google search page.

Catalyst POV on Mobile Search in 2011

Why is mobile search so important to your business? There are many reasons, beginning with
the growth of mobile search as a popular and effective means of finding information and
making online purchases on-the-go.

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