Spanish SEO

Not because someone in your team learned Spanish during last vacation in Spain you will be able to launch a successful International SEO campaign. Spanish SEO is not about simply translating your English web pages, but about identifying the right strategy and understanding the surrounding elements of each specific Spanish-speaking market.

I’ll help you identify insights to penetrate the right audiences whether they are in the US or in any country in Latin America. And yes, I can do this both in English and Spanish so the communications with your team flow seamlessly and without language barriers to understand my recommendations.

Let’s partner up to improve your organic search visibility within your industry and start bringing more traffic and conversions from the top tier Search Engines.

Comprehensive SEO Assessment

As with any other site audit I work on identifying the issues that deter your website’s content from being found and indexed by Google, in addition to:

  • International setup (on-page implementation of tags per each individual market, and other language specific configurations.)
  • Content localization (“tropicalization”) by professionals in each country.
  • Competitive and content gap analysis in each Spanish-speaking market where your business has local incidence.
  • General technical, design and website architecture issues.

Typical Ad Hoc Spanish SEO Deliverables

Keyword Research

“gripa” vs. “gripe”? “pelo” vs. “cabello”? “torta” vs. “pudín”? You probably can’t tell the difference, and neither can Google Translate. Let us find the gold keywords that you should be tapping into for each Hispanic market.

Guidelines & Best Practices

I’ll tell you how Google like to see things laid out on your website in a way that content can be easily used and consumed by your prospective customers.

Link Building Training

Leverage your existing relationships for web mentions, recommendations, testimonials and the so coveted inbound links. I’ll help you identify passive link building opportunities so you don’t have to struggle with your current resources. Link Building for Spanish SEO is as important as it is with traditional SEO programs in English. Link Building is about being creative, not about spending thousands of dollars on sketchy content networks.

Local Search Best Practices & Implementation (Google My Business)

The Google “Local Pack” module is as important as the rest of your other SEO efforts. Let your customers found you when they need you, right from their mobile, smartwatch, or desktop searches. I can help you claim, verify and optimize your one single location or thousands of them.

Digital Asset Optimization (video, images, PDFs, and some social platforms)

Increase your SERP real estate by optimizing all your digital assets. Users use Google Search in different ways. While some still like traditional search results, some other are more specific with their image searches, or downloading handy PDF manuals, or a by watching a quick HowTo YouTube video tutorials.